Choosing the right kind of timber for the job is no trivial matter. Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. At Ironwood Australia, we understand the importance of attention to detail. So in order to ensure your selection process is as accurate as possible, Ironwood Australia has devised a proprietary system called CHOICE. based on 6 most important criteria for choosing timber, CHOICE guarantees you get it right. Don’t take a chance, make an educated CHOICE.


One of the first things to consider in your timber selection process, is colour. Ironwood Australia have over 50 timber species to choose from., providing a broad range of colour variations to choose from across the 3 main spectrums of creams, browns and reds. Before you make your choice, we will help you answer some fundamental questions about the colour of the timber you are after. We take colour selection seriously from the very first moment. After all, the colour remains long after the moment fades.


The hardness of the timber is another key component in your decision. Timber hardness plays a critical role in sawing, planing and resistance to abrasion and indentation. The two main factors influencing the hardness of a particular timber, are the natural durability of the species and the type – and degree – of hazard to which the timber has been exposed. Simply by fielding a few questions at the outset, we can save you valuable time and worry in determining the timber you need. So however hard the timber, we’ll make it easy to find.


A timber’s origin has a lot to say about its strength, hardness, durability and overall quality. At Ironwood Australia, we specialise in recycled timber taken from old buildings, railway bridges and wharves. Also plantation timber is a renewable source that’s harvested using sustainable forestry practices. Because where it starts affects where it ends up.


At Ironwood Australia, we like to stress the individuality of the timber. As a rule of nature, no two timbers are alike. Unlike factory-made materials, each natural timber tells its own life story. While nature defines a timber’s individuality, it’s our job to respect you through customised solutions. Ironwood Australia can mill to your exact specification for flooring, decking, stairs or beams. We try to be as flexible as possible. Because like our timber, no two individuals are alike.


The climatic conditions of your site play a pivotal role in determining what timber to buy. The physical properties of any timber vary with its moisture content and there are many factors influencing this. It’s crucial that these factors be controlled, as high moisture content can lead to decay and continuously varying moisture content can lead to shrinkage or swelling. We’ll be happy to discuss in detail how the climate affects your site. Come rain or shine, we’ll help you make the right decision. Guaranteed.


A final factor to consider is the environment in which your timber will live. Certain timbers are better suited to internal environments, while others are best used externally. Whatever the environment, you can rest assured that we know our timber inside and out.