Reclaimed Timber

The character of Australian hardwood timber and the fact that we have lightning strikes and drought is a part of nature.

Realising that our Australian timbers are precious and valuable, Ironwood now pays for the recovery of dead trees. Our sources scour the New South Wales and Queensland hinterlands and forests selecting trees they want to reclaim, all the time being mindful that they must not remove old logs that provide a habitat for local flora and fauna.

By sourcing our famous Australian hardwoods in this manner we are able to use very old and interesting timbers for floors, which have more character and definition than one would otherwise find with new timbers. These timbers are also very well seasoned and therefore provide really stable flooring sections.

Harvesting our dead trees this way ensures that we are not wasting our natural resources.

Ironwood also has another valuable and treasured range of timber flooring options.