Recycled Timber Milling

Recycled timber milling is a very important factor in ensuring that the timber has been carefully seasoned, precision milled and quality checked prior to despatch from the mill. Ironwood’s Mill is located at Taree N.S.W. where our recycled timber is naturally air-dried.

Ironwood’s Mill can saw and dress hardwood and softwood to an individual’s requirement. Ironwood’s Mill allows our customers to have their timber sawn to any specification in any product; flooring, staircases, benchtops, decking, weatherboard, furniture timber, structural timber (beams), picture framing timber or simply as a stunning architectural feature.

Unprocessed recycled timber is transported to our processing plant where it is denailed, scanned with a metal detector, sawn to size and strip-stacked to equalise the moisture content.

When big sections of recycled timber are obtained the timber has already naturally seasoned but once the timber is sawn the moisture content becomes varied. The moisture content from the centre to the outer edges can vary quite considerably and therefore this equalising process needs to take place. This takes about eight weeks depending on species and moisture range and ensures we are able to supply a dependable, fully stabilised product.