Cades posts certified for bioenergy

Cades Posts – Reclaimed Timber

We have developed this product suitable for posts which is sourced from old forest logs and residual timber that has been graded suitable for Bioenergy creation. The sizes range from 150 x 150 through to 350 x 350. Our lengths
begin at 1.8 metres right through to 5 metres.

The species we use for Cades Posts are all class 1 hardwoods. The timber is selected through our log grading system. This timber has been earmarked by forestry for Bio fuel, however some of the logs are very straight and of sufficient girth and length to produce a post for a wide variety of applications in the building market.

Timber posts are superior to steel or concrete in carbon storage. As well as, emitting far less greenhouse gases in the manufacture of other building materials. Currently, the 5 star energy rating of the Australian Building Codes Board for housing does not take into account the whole of life impacts of different materials. The use of full life cycle tools could ensure that a true comparison between materials is made. The consequential increased use of wood products would reduce the greenhouse footprint of buildings.

The Australian Greenhouse Office in 2001 stated;

“ True low-energy building design will consider this important aspect (embodied energy) and take a broader life-cycle approach to energy assessment. Merely looking at the energy used to operate the building is not really acceptable.”

Our CADES posts are excellent carbon stores for the future. Approximately 70% of a hardwood sawn log, once seasoned, is carbon by weight. This compares very favourably to the 0.2% – 1.5% carbon stored in steel construction materials. Our posts are aged on site in the elements. During this 3 month grading process the defects which are being assessed include heart pop, de-lamination .

Throughout the drying and grading process they are inspected and turned regularly to give a uniform appearance. During this process end splitting is docked ensuring a durable product throughout the length. These posts can come with extensive surface checking which once wire brushed creates a rustic effect. Due to the posts being on site clients can request photos of posts to select the look they desire.