heritage and bridge timber

Heritage Timber

Ironwood is a recycler of timber bridges for the Roads and Maritime Services Authority. As heritage bridges are replaced with larger composite bridges the timber removed is recycled by Ironwood at our mill in Taree.

These heritage timber bridges may have been in situ for over 100 years. They are extremely well seasoned and loaded with character waiting to be released by our milling processes. These timbers are class1 durability species that often have accents such as bolt holes and surface checking.

A chain of custody is established from the site of the bridge as the timbers are loaded. They are delivered to Ironwood’s mill at Taree and then stored in a purpose built compound. From this point the timber is systematically de‑treated of paint and chemical residues from the outer surfaces of the timber. Often this has only penetrated the timber 5-10mm and is removed through machines that plane off the layer.

In the case of CCA treated girders, the sapwood is removed with a small percentage of the hardwood as the treatment only penetrates the sapwood to a large extent. Before and after treatment samples are taken and sent away to an accredited laboratory for testing to ensure contaminants have been removed.

We are able to mill a variety of products from these timbers:
• Bridge decking – Sawn Wire Brushed Flooring;
• Trusses – Rustic flooring often with a wire brush Finish;
• Girders – Large structural posts and Beams with sizes up to 300×300;
• Corbels – Create wide stair treads that can be made finished with DAR;
• Stringers and Chords – Milled into feature beams and posts.

In some cases the mill at Taree under its previous owner has supplied timbers to these bridges decades ago. This continues its carbon storage and useful life into the future as we recycle this Heritage Timber.