Iron deck a new bioenergy decking product

Iron Deck  -Reclaimed Timber

The timber used for Iron Deck is from old forest logs and residual timber that has been graded suitable for Bioenergy creation. This decking comes in a wide board size of 190 x 45, the top face has pencil rounded sides and grooves are milled into the underside of the deck boards to improve ventilation. It is then wirebrushed creating a rustic feel to the product.

The species used for this iron deck are Tallowwood, Grey Gum and Ironbark. They are all Class 1 durability species.

At Ironwoods timber mill we have identified that a percentage of this timber is of high enough quality to create a durable decking product. Our selection process begins at our purpose built log grading machine. To maximize carbon storage and minimize waste the logs are individually assessed by the operator for suitability. Those that fail are then set aside for bio fuel creation which is carbon neutral.

We estimate that through this process 20% of the timber becomes Bio fuel. Hence we are reclaiming timber for another use and ensuring the timber continues to store carbon for the life of the product. We estimate upward of 35 years of durability in the Australian climate. According to the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting;

“ About half the dry weight of a tree or wood product is carbon. One ton of carbon represents 3.67 tons of carbon dioxide.”

The selected logs are sawn into decking. They are then moved to the drying area to be aged for a minimum of 6 weeks in summer, and 12 weeks in winter. The decking
boards are treated with Ironwoods natural timber accelerated aging serum on a daily basis. The deck is inspected closely during this process, and undergoes strict quality control. Specifically identifying potential defects in the drying deck, such as end splitting, wind shatter and delaminating of wood fiber. Deck that fails this process is re-milled into Feature Timbers and other products such as wall cladding.

The decking dries with the heart facing down to prevent cupping. Whilst the face to be wire brushed is exposed to the elements. This method has proven to tighten the fibres gradually providing greater structural integrity ensuring enhanced stability in the long term.

The moisture content on the heart side remains higher allowing the timber to adjust to its environment once installed.

Ironwoods accelerated natural timber aging serum has been carefully developed by Chris Swadling over 5 years. This impregnates the outer cells creating an aged finish rapidly that would otherwise take years to create in nature. The serum continues to assist the timber to grey off even after it has been laid on site. Our skilled technicians wire brush the timber once the drying process is completed. The combination of the serum and wire brushing accentuates the grains in the timber and deepens the colors. This creates a deck that has the ability to show off the natural beauty of the timber from a wide array of angles in different light conditions.

Iron Deck does not require maintenance such as sanding and oiling. Once installed the finish softens the aesthetics of a building and blends to the landscape as though it had been in place for years. The deck is of a higher than normal moisture content in relation to other decking products. This enables it to be installed in a poor sub flow ventilation area. Please ask our sales staff for advice on your job, as we are well aware that every site is different and have different aspects to the environment.