Recycled Timber – Winery by Gazebo

What we did:

The Winery by Gazebo is one of Keystone Hospitality’s upmarket wine bars located in Surry Hills.

At The Winery we supplied recycled timber for the benchtop for the upper level bar that was made from recycled cream bridge decking as well as the recycled timber flooring that was made from recycled blackbutt, and finished in a rustic finish to give it a period look.

We also supplied second hand tallowood flooring that was used as the ceiling in the lower level bar as well as recycled mixed blend hardwood flooring that was used as cladding/paneling for the upper level bar.

We also supplied the recycled timber for the stairs which was a blend of recycled mixed red hardwoods as well as recycled blackbutt flooring that was used as a rustic skirting in the upper level bar.