CLT House Build

Ironwood Australia Sustainability in Building.

Ironwood Australia in association with XLam brings our first residential build using Cross Laminated Timber and Ironwood’s premium recycled and reclaimed timber. Watch the video above to see the entire build or scroll down to see images of the finished house.


This house build includes the use of XLam’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), as well as Ironwood’s recycled and reclaimed timber as flooring, decking, beams, posts and cladding. Ironwood is Australia’s leading supplier and miller of Australian hardwood recycled and reclaimed timber. Major advantages of using recycled hardwood timbers include the positive environmental effects and the unique atmosphere it creates through colour, texture and warmth, whilst displaying Australian history at the same time. See more of our products here.



Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a solid structural wood product made from bonded layers of timber. CLT panels span and support loads, and are able to connect together to provide a very strong and stable building system. CLT is prefabricated and digitally designed with minimal waste from production, which improves efficiencies, safety and speed in construction. It is also an environmentally sustainable product, storing carbon and reducing carbon emissions through reduced building times, production and performance.