In addition to the sale and supply of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers, we are also able to offer a range of services to enhance the look and longevity of the reclaimed and recycled timber.
We can kiln dry reclaimed and recycled timber to meet specifications (typically 11-14% humidity) and can dress the timber by way of wire brushing which can give the recycled timber that rustic look.

We can also supply timber Dressed All Round (DAR) which means the recycled and reclaimed timber is sanded and/or stained on all 4 sides (typically suitable for application on our recycled Australian hardwood posts, bearers, joists and trusses).

We can also re-mill the timber to meet your specific requirements should you have a need for recycled or reclaimed flooring that is not to the typical speciifications (such as width etc).

Prior to any re-milling of recycled and reclaimed timber we ensure the timber is free of any nails, bolts and other metals and scan the tmber twice through our metal detectors to ensure that the re-milled timber comes out exactly as we all want it to.

We are also able to offer Foresty NSW testing of timber to validate the structural integrity of structural timber such as posts, beams, joists and trusses so that you can have full confidence that the recycled structural timber you are purchasing can stand up to the rigours of the tasks for which it is being purchased.