High-quality Hardwood Timber Cladding

Ironwood Australia specializes in milling and grading NSW railway sleepers to produce high-quality timber cladding and wall cladding. Our expert craftsmanship ensures that the resulting cladding exhibits exceptional quality and is imbued with captivating character. This versatile cladding can be used for various applications, including timber wall cladding, walkways, bar tops, tables, and furniture. Additionally, our recycled timber option offers an economical choice for your next project, making it an ideal solution for those seeking sustainable hardwood cladding or wood cladding. At Ironwood Australia, we take pride in delivering premium cladding timber that exceeds expectations.

Ironwood specializes in the supply of timber wall cladding, offering a diverse selection of recycled, reclaimed, and new Australian hardwoods as well as Oregon. Our extensive range includes various widths and thicknesses, ensuring we can cater to your specific needs for timber cladding projects. With a wide array of finishes and color ranges available, we guarantee to meet your design requirements.

Our timber cladding products are highly sought after by leading architects, designers, builders, and home renovators for both commercial and residential fit-outs. Their exceptional quality and versatility make them the ideal choice for enhancing interior and exterior spaces.

In particular, our heritage collection showcases the most rustic and weathered feature cladding, boasting a clean DAR (Dressed All Round) finish in creams, reds, and browns. These timeless options exude character and charm.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, some of our cladding options are crafted from historic timber. One of our latest offerings is the recycled re-milled Oregon cladding or flooring, originally sourced from the former RTA’s scaffolding planks used for painting and maintaining the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1946. This high-quality timber is available in a range of finishes, including hand wire brushed, skip dressed, or dressed all round, providing you with even more design possibilities.

Choose Ironwood for your timber wall cladding needs, and experience the unmatched beauty and durability of our hardwood cladding solutions. Whether it’s internal timber cladding or internal timber wall cladding you require, our products will elevate your space with natural warmth and sophistication. Explore the timeless elegance of wood cladding with Ironwood, your trusted source for superior quality and stunning aesthetics.

Ironwood specializes in producing a wide range of Class 1 durability hardwoods, ideal for timber wall cladding, ceiling, and eave lining applications. Our extensive selection includes various widths and traditional profiles, and we can also mill the timber to match existing ones. Our timber cladding options come in different finishes, such as DAR, rough sawn, wire brushed, skip dressed, and original weathered grey wire brushed, providing a rustic and low maintenance appeal.

We proudly employ the traditional Japanese technique of “Yakisugi” for wood preservation through fire treatment. This method adds a unique architectural look to our new Charred Shiplap Cladding, which is not only fire treated but also highly durable and resistant to termites. Crafted from precision-milled Australian Hardwoods, our Charred Shiplap Cladding ensures a flawless finish.

With a strong commitment to ethical sourcing, our external timber cladding is sustainably and responsibly obtained. It requires minimal maintenance, providing a hassle-free solution for your cladding needs. Additionally, all our timber cladding products are exclusively produced at our Taree mill.

Experience the beauty and durability of Ironwood’s external cladding timber, perfect for enhancing the aesthetics and performance of your projects.

SHIPLAP Cladding and SHIPLAP Cladding Charred
68 x 19
120 x 19
Park Clad
80 x 19
120 x 19
V-Joint Lining Boards and V-Joint Charred
80 x 12
130 x 12
Original Weathered Face Recycled Cladding 
85 x 12
100 x 12
125 x 12
135 x 12
Recycled Feature Cladding 
Various sizes available upon enquiry

Spotted Gum
Mixed Hardwoods
Baltic Pine

Charred Face Finish (Shiplap cladding & V-Joint)
DAR (dressed all round)
Rough Sawn
Original Face & Wire Brushed
Skip Dressed
Grey Weathered

Reclaimed Timber

Iron Deck

Ironwood’s Exclusive Pre-greyed Wharf-style Decking. 136mm x 32mm &185mm x 32mm