Ironwood’s range of recycled Australian hardwood timbers can be seen by clicking any of the pictures below. There you will see some photo galleries with a brief description of the species of recycled timber supplied, how and where it was utilised and perhaps even give yourself some inspiration for your upcoming renovation project.

At Ironwood, we regularly work with specifiers, architects, project managers, builders, joiners and carpenters to ensure that your recycled timber is milled to exact specification, delivered on time and in the finish you want. Whether you are after recycled timber flooring for your internal areas, recycled timber decking for your outdoor areas, recycled timber posts or beams, Ironwood can and will deliver.

Ironwood’s range of Australian hardwood recycled timber are also perfect for commercial applications. From flooring through to cladding, point of sale and displays, ceilings and posts, our range of commercial timber brings style, strength character and substance to your commercial fitout.

Our Australian hardwood recycled timber can be used across a variety of industries from hospitality, food & beverage, hairdressing and corporate offices. Ironwood will work with your specifiers, architects, project managers and builders to ensure that our recycled timber can achieve the desired look for your commercial fitout.


At this newly refurbished bar we supplied recycled timber beams and posts that were made from Tallowood for the restaurant’s al fresco dining and drinking areas.The timber for these posts and beams was recycled from an old timber bridge in Hill End.

We also supplied decking with our range of recycled Peak Deck spotted gum (short lengths). We also supplied recycled timber feature cladding for a feature partition that separates the outdoor deck from the bathroom area. The recycled timber decking supplied was a blend of mixed reds as durability was paramount given that Old Bar is fairly close to the sea and harsh salty air.

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This was a major project and Emirates Airlines first foray into the hotel market in Australia. The brief was to create a stunning, environmentally friendly luxury countryside retreat that blended in with its surrounds, with all hardwoods used to be recycled timber.

We were engaged to supply F22 grade, NSW Forestry inspected, grey ironbark recycled posts, trusses and feature beams and recycled timber. The grey ironbark recycled timbers that were used were formerly used as in the Australian Pulp & Paper Mill warehouse that was built in 1903 .

At the Black Stump, we provided a range of recycled timber wide board flooring that was used as external cladding at the restaurant’s main entrance to give it a unique, old school, `western’ look.

The recycled timber wide board flooring had had a former life as structural beams in an old wool store and our recycling of the timber gave it a new lease of life as cladding & feature timbers. Recycled wide board ironbark was also used to clad the bar area to give it that older, rustic look.

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The lobby bar is usually the first bar guests go to as they await their rooms and to complete the formalities of check in. As such, the architects and owners wanted a striking bar to be the guests’ first impressions. But it also needed to be durable and Australian hardwoods are among the world’s most durable timber species.

Ironwood was commissioned to supply some fine Australian hardwood recycled timber. We supplied the recycled timber blades for this project with recycled Tallowood that had orginally been used as bridge timber in its former life.

Koi is a Japanese Restaurant located in Woolwich that has one of the most stunning restaurant fitouts you could ever wish to see.

All feature timbers, beams, posts, joists and racking was supplied and created from recycled grey ironbark, the bulk of which had been formerly used as bridge girders in the Hornibrook Bridge. Some of the recycled timber feature posts (recycled ironbark) still have their orginal bolt holes visible as this was the look the designers were after. Further, the recycled timber flooring supplied was recycled red ironbark which blended in perfectly with the colour of the counter, another part of the fitout performed using recycled grey ironbark, which not only looks great but is extremely durable.


We supplied a major proportion of the fitout timber for Stockland Group’s refurbishment of their corporate head office. We supplied recycled tallowood and recycled blackbutt cladding that was remilled to provide the mosaic style feature wall panelling seen in the lift lobbies and that feature timber borders the meeting rooms and some of the offices. The timber joists were sourced from the Lithgow Small Arms & Munitions Factory.


For the Nando’s Surry Hills fitout we were asked to supply recycled hardwood cladding, lightly wire brushed to provide and aged look as well as all fitout timber. All timber supplied was Australian hardwood recycled timber.

The fitout timber consisted of recycled grey ironbark sleepers that was used for the ceiling feature from which the lighting hangs, giving the restaurant a truly unique look. These sleepers were also lightly wire brushed to again give the restaurant that Mediterranean look.


At Nando’s Mosman, Ironwood was engaged to supply recycled timber for the restaurant fitout. We supplied 150mm x 150mm recycled ironbark that was used as a timber feature, aesthetic truss and feature beam. These recycled  timber feature beams gave the restaurant a unique look, to which we added recycled mixed reds blend hardwood flooring that was used as cladding & paneling on many of the restaurant walls.

We also supplied recycled blackbutt flooring that was used as cladding/paneling in the POS area/counter and above the kitchen area.


For this fitout project our brief was to supply recycled timber that would be used in the restaurant fitout. We supplied the restaurant’s recycled timber feature beams and mantle that were supplied using recycled Tallowood that had had a former glorious life as bridging timber.

The recycled timber feature beams were all finished in a unique way ensuring that no 2 beams looked the same and had their own individual, non uniform characteristics. The timber blends in and adds to the southern European look that Nando’s seeks to achieve in its stores.


At Nando’s Westfield Chatswood outlet, we supplied a range of Australian hardwood recycled  timber for the restaurant fitout. For the Point of Sale area and eating benches we supplied recycled ironbark.

We also supplied recycled hardwood feature posts for the feature old style window to sit between as well as mixed reds & creams recycled hardwood flooring that was used as cladding and fitout timber.

The under-counter was given a lime/distressed finished and the entire rear/external wall of the kitchen was cladded with recycled mixed blend hardwood flooring.






Harold Park is a former harness racing track located in Glebe in inner Sydney. The site was sold by the NSW Government to large developer Mirvac. The site will be home to numerous apartment complexes and Ironwood was enlisted to fitout the display suite in the Mirvac Sales office for this development.

We supplied recycled mixed cream hardwoods for flooring, decking, the counter, blades, benches as well as recycled mixed cream feature cladding.


The Winery by Gazebo is one of Keystone Hospitality’s upmarket wine bars located in Surry Hills.

At The Winery we supplied recycled timber for the benchtop for the upper level bar that was made from recycled cream bridge decking as well as the recycled timber flooring that was made from recycled blackbutt, and finished in a rustic finish to give it a period look.

We also supplied second hand tallowood flooring that was used as the ceiling in the lower level bar as well as recycled mixed blend hardwood flooring that was used as cladding/paneling for the upper level bar.

We also supplied the recycled timber for the stairs which was a blend of recycled mixed red hardwoods as well as recycled blackbutt flooring that was used as a rustic skirting in the upper level bar.


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This restaurant is situated at Darling Harbour with many patrons being able to look out over the water as they have their meals, so a stylish and elegant fitout was sought. For this fitout we supplied recycled timber (grey ironbark) that was used in the feature walls, as well as recycled mixed red Australian hardwood flooring that was finished to give it that rustic, aged look.

Also supplied were the recycled timber stair treads made from recycled mixed reds that brings the staircase wine rack to life, as well as 350mm x 350mm recycled grey ironbark feature posts, lightly wire brushed for an aged/worn look and finish.

We have also recently supplied timber to the new Meat & Wine Co outlets at Circular Quay in Sydney and at Southbank in Melbourne.



Gary and Melissa’s house in Lilli Pilli was well planed with generous timing. The floor was from the brewery head office in the back streets of Chippendale where Melissa’s dad originally worked, so the floor had a lot of family value to her. The timber was from the joists and the lift shaft. The door is Ironbark recycled from timber purlins so they were very dry and clean, the perfect choice. The stair treads are recycled grey Ironbark originally from bridge corbels.

For the Oatley residential project our client wanted a nice wide floor, with some character and warmth. We supplied 250 x 12 mm recycled grey Ironbark predominantly from bridge timbers such as chords and girders.



Ironwood Australia in association with XLam brings our first residential build using Cross Laminated Timber and Ironwood’s premium recycled and reclaimed timber. Watch the video to see the entire build or scroll down to see images of the finished house.

This house build includes the use of XLam’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), as well as Ironwood’s recycled and reclaimed timber as flooring, decking, beams, posts and cladding. Ironwood is Australia’s leading supplier and miller of Australian hardwood recycled and reclaimed timber. Major advantages of using recycled hardwood timbers include the positive environmental effects and the unique atmosphere it creates through colour, texture and warmth, whilst displaying Australian history at the same time. 

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a solid structural wood product made from bonded layers of timber. CLT panels span and support loads, and are able to connect together to provide a very strong and stable building system. CLT is prefabricated and digitally designed with minimal waste from production, which improves efficiencies, safety and speed in construction. It is also an environmentally sustainable product, storing carbon and reducing carbon emissions through reduced building times, production and performance.


This residence, complete with water views, was undergoing a major renovation and we were asked to supply recycled  timber for flooring as well as the recycled timber for the fitout.

For the flooring the client opted for 230mm x 12mm recycled grey ironbark whilst the fitout timbers supplied were recycled grey ironbark for the kitchen and counter whilst recycled  tallowood was used for the breakfast bar/counter that faces the balcony.


The client was undertaking a home renovation and wanted to replace their existing floor so we were able to supply a blend of mixed cream recycled Australian hardwoods including Tallowood, Blackbutt, Ironbark and Spotted Gum that brought this residence to life.

We were also able to supply recycled Tallowood feature timbers for the panelling in the bedrooms and the kitchen benchtop/breakfast bar was supplied using a recycled grey ironbark slab.


At this prestige residence we were commissioned to supply recycled timber for flooring, tair treads, cladding, recycled hardwood posts and recycled flooring used as ceiling cladding in the al fresco dining area.

The recycled Australian hardwood timbers supplied to this residence gave the residence a stunning, modern yet classy and refined look look, with the finishes blending in superbly with the stone benchtops and marble flooring.


The owners of this stunning waterfront residence were seeking a classy elegant look for their renovation so we were enlisted to supply recycled Australian hardwood timber.

We supplied recycled grey ironbark feature beams and recycled ironbark mantle for the living area as well as recycled kauri flooring and 350mm x 350mm recycled grey ironbark structural (load bearing) posts.

The recycled timbers used were, in the main, sourced from an old wool store and a couple of bridges and in the yard, grey ironbark railway sleepers were used for the steps and a portion of the landscaping, whilst recycled blackbutt was used for the water-facing deck.


At this property we were asked to supply recycled grey ironbark with the specific brief that the timber have an aged and rustic look to it.

The bathroom benchtop was supplied using recycled grey ironbark sleepers whilst the outside feature timbers and posts were supplied using recycled grey ironbark that was grey faced and lightly wire brushed to create the look the owners were after.


For this residential renovation project we supplied a wide and varied range of recycled timber products. We supplied recycled 300mm x 300mm grey ironbark posts (approximately 10) as well as an 11 metre long grey ironbark beam that was installed as an exposed/feature beam.

The flooring laid was 100mm x 19mm recycled Tallowood and the feature cladding was also installed, created from recycled ironbark, lightly wire brushed and sanded to give the residence a beach house effect in appearance.


Our recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers can be milled to size at our own mill and we can also finish the timber with a range of finishes from wire brushing to rough sawn to Dressed All Round (DAR) to give the timber that exact look that you may be seeking.

The recycled Australian hardwood timbers that we have supplied have ended up in some of Australia’s most stylish properties and we have exported our timber to places as far away as Japan, Noumea, Singapore, Indonesia and Fiji. Please feel free to view our portfolio of recycled and reclaimed timbers that we have supplied all over the world and to get a feel for the many uses to which our recycled timbers can be put.

Recently, we have also been awarded two NSW Government contracts (with Roads and Maritime Services & NSW Forestry) to recycle hardwood timbers. For more information on this, please see our news & multimedia section.

In addition to the sale and supply of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers, we are also able to order a range of services to enhance the look and longevity of the reclaimed and recycled timber.