Sustainable and Eco-friendly Reclaimed
and Recycled Timber Flooring

Ironwood Australia are able to custom mill recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood flooring to order. This allows us to best match our clients individual requirements in colour, width, thickness and character.

Australian hardwoods are broadly classed in colour ranges of creams, reds and browns. At Ironwood Australia we offer a wide selection of these ranges in varying tones.

Ironwood Australia are wide board specialists. We can mill recycled flooring in widths from 80mm to 250mm, in 12mm and 19mm thick. (Other sizes are available on request).


19mm T&G flooring is structural, to span between timber joists or batons and can also be installed as overlay.

All timbers – being a natural product, show uniqueness and variation. Recycled timbers previous life or use, adds to this. Timber from outdoor structures such as bridges and wharves have their own unique character such as bolt holes and checking that adds a unique tiger grain pattern. Recycled hardwood previously used internally, such as floor joists, ceiling rafters or purlins, still show some features from previous use, but usually have a newer and cleaner look.

All our flooring is supplied raw, allowing selected finishes to be applied after installation. Some of these finishes include natural or tinted oil, water based or modified poly which can be colour stained first. One of our new finishes is our ‘Barn’ floor which after a light sanding still shows the character of a rustic bush mill or shearers shed, giving a distinctive look and feel.

80 x 12 and 19mm
100 x 12 and 19mm
125 x 12 and 19mm
150 x 12 and 19mm
175 x 12 and 19mm
200 x 12 and 19mm
220 x 12 and 19mm
250 x 12 and 19mm

Other specified sizes can be milled on request. Flooring is usually supplied in random lengths.

Grey Ironbark
Spotted Gum
Brush Box
Blue Gum
Mixed Creams
Mixed Reds