The Ironwood Story

Ironwood (formerly known as the Rozelle Recycled Building Centre) has been established for in excess of 20 years and our recycled hardwood timbers are sought after and specified by some of Australia’s most well known and highly regarded architects, project managers, interior designers, property stylists, property developers, hoteliers and hospitality groups and restauranteurs as well as DIY renovators who want to add some character to their renovation project.

Our recycled Australian hardwoods can be used for a variety of purposes. From timber flooring & decking through to feature walls, beams and posts, bridges, stair treads, bearers, joists and trusses, gates and fences, benches, bar tops and landscaping – the uses for recycled Australan hardwood timbers are many and varied. The quality, look and strength of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers far exceeds the quality of new timber products and also has the added attraction of being an environmentally sustainable and renewable building material. Unlike new timber, the resawn recycled timber will stay straight 99% of the time. Older, recycled timbers have also been fastened in place in a structure, usually from 50 to 150 years, having been air dried and seasoned to a stable condition and are thus far less susceptible to shrinkage.

Our recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers can be milled to size at our own mill and we can also finish the timber with a range of finishes from wire brushing to rough sawn to Dressed All Round (DAR) to give the timber that exact look that you may be seeking.

The recycled Australian hardwood timbers that we have supplied have ended up in some of Australia’s most stylish properties and we have exported our timber to places as far away as Japan, Noumea, Singapore, Indonesia and Fiji. Please feel free to view our portfolio of recycled and reclaimed timbers that we have supplied all over the world and to get a feel for the many uses to which our recycled timbers can be put.

Recently, we have also been awarded two NSW Government contracts (with Roads and Maritime Services & NSW Forestry) to recycle hardwood timbers. For more information on this, please see our news & multimedia section.

In addition to the sale and supply of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers, we are also able to order a range of services to enhance the look and longevity of the reclaimed and recycled timber.

A major advantage of using recycled hardwood timbers is the positive environmental effects, including conservation of old growth forests, increased carbon storage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The Mill

In addition to the sale and supply of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers, we are also able to order a range of services to enhance the look and longevity of the reclaimed and recycled timber.

We can kiln dry reclaimed and recycled timber to meet specifications (typically 11-14% humidity) and can finish the naturally seasoned timber by way of wire brushing which can give the recycled timber that rustic look.

We can also supply timber Dressed All Round (DAR) which means the recycled and reclaimed timber is finished smooth on all faces.

We can also re-mill the timber to meet your specific requirements should you have a need for recycled or reclaimed flooring that is not to the typical specifications (such as width, thickness and rustic finishes).

Prior to any re-milling of recycled and reclaimed timber we ensure the timber is free of any nails, bolts and other metals, and scan the timber twice through our metal detectors to ensure that the re- milled timber comes out exactly as we all want it to.

We are also able to provide Timber Inspection Certificates to the Australian Standards required by our Clients for their Structural Beams, Posts, Bearers & Joists so that you can have full confidence that the recycled structural timber you are purchasing can stand up to the rigours of the tasks for which it is being purchased.


A major advantage of using recycled hardwood timbers is the positive environmental effects, including conservation of old growth forests, increased carbon storage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

These recycled timber products can then be re-used to create unique effects in hardwood flooring, decking, beams, joists, trusses, posts, bollards, benchtops, furniture & cladding. Numerous (Australian) Government reports have extolled the virtues of the use of timber over other building materials as a more environmentally friendly choice.

Recycled timbers have the added advantage that when a timber is recycled (and thus does not get sent to land fill or naturally decay) the timber continues to be a vital store of carbon (40-50% of timber’s gross weight is carbon) as its useful life is extended beyond the purpose for which it was originally intended. We specialise in recycling timbers that may have been sawn up to 100 years ago which represent a recycled product that may be in excess of 400 years old.

Old growth forests, particularly in Asia, are shrinking at an alarming rate, and thus good quality timbers sourced from old trees are becoming more and more scarce. There is the scourge of palm oil plantations and the destruction of natural rainforests across much of Asia.

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and even Indonesia are now more aware of `Green’ building codes and using environmentally sustainable building products in new commercial and residential developments and are implementing policies and codes to react to this. Using recycled hardwood timbers in new, large scale developments can greatly assist a building or project’s green rating and (by implication) the likelihood of the project being approved by the applicable government authorities.

Using recycled timbers is also far more energy efficient as there is no requirement to extract, transport, dry the timber and in some cases the timber need not be re-milled. At Ironwood, we endeavour to minimise wastage and recycle in excess of 80% (by volume) of the recycled timber that we source. Natural by products such as mulch and sawdust are then created and on-sold to the public, ensuring complete re-use of all recycled timbers.


Future Forests

It’s simple. We plant a tree for every tree we use.

Ironwood Australia is a proud supplier of reclaimed, recycled and sustainable architectural timber. Our vision for the future is one where our great grandchildren benefit from us planting trees. Future Forest was born from this idea, what has followed is an initiative that has grown beyond our humble first intentions.


Our investment, everyone’s future. We want to continue to use Australia’s beautiful timbers to build homes and infrastructure. To do this we must act now for the future of our industry. We are committed to supplying timber and caring for our environment long past our own careers.


Because we hold these strong beliefs in the future of timber, we want our initiative to become an industry wide practice. We aim to become a global leader in sustainable timber supply process by showing our industry that good practice is possible. 


Our core company belief is that timber is the smartest environmentally low impact and sustainably viable material to use in construction. By replanting Australian timber across private land today, we are guaranteeing supply within our country for tomorrow.

Calculate your contribution to a better future and share the results!

Investment and Carbon Offset formula: Let your clients know how much your investment has contributed to a sustainable future by applying this simple formula.

For Example: If you buy 6m3 of timber we will have planted 5 trees on your behalf. 


Ironwood Australia are Australia’s leading and foremost supplier of recycled Australian hardwood timbers. Working at Ironwood can offer real benefits and opportunities for a career and personal development for both guys and girls. We’re looking for great people who are hard working, physically fit, intelligent, well mannered, and must have a positive attitude. 


Suit female operators. Email for more info.


Mill maintenance and laminating new concepts. Email for more info.


Suit female operators – must have current licences. Email for more info.


Packing, strapping and general mill labouring – fork lift licence a bonus. Email for more info.


Operate new Twin Edger and Bench Saw. Email for more info.


Day to day operations of both mills, must have experience at senior management level, sound communications and time management skills, be able to work under pressure and cope in difficult situations. Email for more info.