Iron Deck

Iron Deck is a unique and innovative product exclusive to Ironwood Australia. We source reclaimed timber from old forest logs, maximising carbon storage and minimising waste.

The selected timber logs from this process are sawn into decking. They are then moved to the drying area to be aged for a minimum of 6 weeks in summer, and 12 weeks in winter. The decking boards are treated with Ironwood’s natural timber accelerated ageing serum on a daily basis. The deck is inspected closely during this process, and undergoes strict quality control.

The decking dries with the heart facing down to prevent cupping, whilst the face to be wire brushed is exposed to the elements. This method has proven to tighten the fibres gradually, providing greater structural integrity and ensuring enhanced stability in the long term. The finish product is representative of harbour and wharf decking.

136 x 32mm
185 x 32mm
Class 1 durability hardwoods