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Woolshed Wides

Price per square metre
$ 110
  • Amazing wool shed T&G timber flooring. Available now at Ironwood Australia in wide boards, southern hardwood mixed creams for only $110+gst per m2. Australian Forestry Standard, PEFC timber.
  • 180mm x 19mm, flooring.

Secret Nail Flooring

Price per square metre
$ 99
  • Recycled Reds and Recycled Creams
  • Australian hardwood floors are broadly classed in colour ranges of creams, reds and browns. At Ironwood Australia we offer a wide selection of these ranges in varying tones.
  • On special now are Recycled Red and Recycled Creams. 100 x 19mm boards, $99.00 per m2 + GST.

Blackbutt Decking

Price per linear metre
$ 5
50 +gst
  • Ironwood Australia mill all the standard decking and screening sizes in a variety of timber species with a DAR (dressed all round) with a pencil round finish.
  • Currently on special is Blackbutt decking, with a pencil round finish. 86 x 19mm boards, $5.50 per lm + GST.